Welcome to the Allabouteverything WikiEdit

Imagine, Explore, create: This is a wiki, where anyone can do anything, if they abide to the rules that is.You can make anything on this. From food recipes to ,well, cars. You may talk about virtual worlds such as: Club Penguin, Smallworlds, Bearville, Little Space Heroes etc, but the rules are the following:

== NO swearing. NO hurting anyone else. NO deleting other peoples designs, unless I say you can. NO rude talk. NO bossing people around. And finally NO being rude about this wiki, or anyone elses.

If you abide to those rules you shall have a happy time on here. ==

Imagine, Explore, create, Enjoy




Describe your topicEdit

Allabouteverything Is a children safe, imagination wiki, where you can make or design ANYTHING, for other people to see. Please abide by the rules, and HAVE FUN.

My motto is:

Imagine, Explore, Create Enjoy

Thx xx

Credits: Username:Nybor1611

Latest activityEdit

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